Premiere (video): Denis Shubin – M0f0 (Amber Muse)

Amber Muse which is based in Riga (Latvia) will release the new four-tracker EP by Russian producer Denis Shubin on July 24, 2020. Three broken beat originals are accompanied by Queer On Acid remix of the title track “Str8”.

Denis Shubin hails from Saint Petersburg (Russia). He’s been DJing and promoting events as Tekstil Music co-founder for many years, and most recently DJed in club “KPD”. He made his debut on Amber Muse in January 2019 with a house four-tracker, while on the new EP entered the leftfield house territory with a broken, sophisticated drum patterns.

The visuals for the “M0f0” has been done by Alexey Brylev, who used to work with Shubin at Tekstil Music and DOT in the past. Now he is a founding member and producer at All Light Media and creative association MIF.

Order “Str8” EP here: