Premiere: Afterlife – Naif (Subatomic)

Subatomic, a micro label home to Afterlife and some of the coolest downtempo music producers, is back with Afterlife’s newest “Naif” EP. And this new EP sees the artist return to spirited, exploratory roots capturing those elements of pure joy once again. As producer says, listening to his music is expanding the inspiration of experience beyond the linear interference of our surroundings.

The title track, “Naif”, which was played by no other than Andrew Weatherall (as well as by Sean Johnston), begins life via resolutely poignant chords that are all at once uncomplicated yet devastatingly, emotionally informed. As the keys loop into a visionary distance, elastic bass twangs while additional keys chime and shine. It’s a thought-provoking experience allowing permission for your mind to drift, linking the creative energy of music to images lost, while fresh frames are newly formed.

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