Premiere: Superlux – Chupa Track (Superlux Records)

Superlux is the brand new project from Mike Gill, Nick Gynn and Johnny Hunter. Mike Gill is a true member of the underground. With over ten years experience in music production, his career has seen him release on the likes of Hot Waves and Wolf + Lamb. Alongside Mike, avid record collector Nick Gynn has seen his releases played by some of the scenes heavyweights, including Craig Charles and Nicolas Lutz. Rounding off the membership is Johnny Hunter, whose eagerly awaited debut EP will be released on Pleasure Club Recordings this year.

We premiering “Chupa Track” from their “Enter The Superlux” EP that balances between breakbeat and electro style cuts. “Chupa Track” nods to the early days of dance music with mechanical synth rotates alongside echoing calls and robot-esque keys.

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