HTS Guest Mix #20: Tuneon

One of the things that make house music great is definitely the genre’s propensity for timeless rhythm sections and for very distinctive beats. Producers such as Tuneon are all about staying true to the roots of the sound they love, while bringing innovation the music with their own personal vision and taste.

Labels (released and forthcoming): NM 2 , Hudd Traxx , Tenampa, Extravaganza, Society 3.0, Danse Club Records, Simma Black, Toolroom Records, NastyFunk Records, Cyanide Records, My Little Dog Records and Amber Muse Records.

This June Tuneon released a two-tracker on Latvian Amber Muse Records with Outstrip remix. Check out his exclusive mix for Heed the Sound above.


Mock Toof – Farewell To Wendo (Kink Neville Watson Remix)
Cabaret Nocturne – Mad Lab
Fjaak – Introduction
Tuneon – Try Hard
The Emperor Machine – Africa V2
Ivan De La Rouch Tkuz – Serpiente
LA-4A – Box Prologue
The Sanctuary Project – The Music Box
Murk – Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums)
Moderna, Theus Mago – Francesca (Wild at Heart)
FLXXX – Jaguar (Orignal Mix)
Tuneon – Camcorder (Larionov Remix)