Premiere: A.J. Couque – They Dance With Innocence (Original Mix) (Flemcy Music)

London’s Flemcy Music is soon turning two and for its 25th release, the label has gathered some emotionally driven tracks from all over the world, to be released just in time for the Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. For a premiere today we choose a track “They Dance With Innocence” by Londoner A.J. Couque.

A.J.Couque is a DJ and producer with a musical talent: he has been playing instrument since the age of six. Always put in the effort to collect from all sub genres of dance music, A.J. Couque takes great pride on his ability to be versatile. Anyway his heart lies mainly in the minimal scene in which he showcases his findings every week on Mode FM.

“They Dance With Innocence” is a 11 minutes long electronic tech tune, driven by melodic arpeggios and a deeper pads. It has an attractive melancholic vibe. This has specifically been favoured by heavyweights like Oliver Schories, Paco Osuna, Elio Riso or BOg.