Premiere: Balaphonic – Balinese Saints (Well Cut Records)

Back in 90’s and early 2000’s, before the digital era changed the music market, a lot of house producers used to put their music out under different aliases. These days – when too much electronic music is out there – it’s not a common practice, but producers with a big history still record music under different names. Danny Ward from Well Cut Records has been a major part of 2020 Soundsystem, and is best known to many in dance music for his productions and DJ sets under the aliases of Dubble D and, especially, Moodymanc. Balaphonic is another of Danny Ward’s production aliases, and is a crossover project which fuses live instrumentation with DJ driven sensibilities.

Today’s premiere is a title track from Balaphonic’s new “Balinese Saints” three-tracker, which show Ward as a successful jazz drummer and percussionist. This production is a driving, percussive heavy groove which lays the foundation for some blistering drum soloing, propelled by a hypnotic bass guitar line and piano montuno figure, the dynamic arrangement punctuated by stabs and trippy vocal hooks. A high energy jazzy dance floor burner for sure.