Premiere: CJ Jeff – Wait A Second (Original Mix) (Lapsus Music)

Marking 16 years in the game this year, CJ Jeff is a Greek electronic music superstar whose talent has been championed by some of the most respected house and techno labels around. Souvenir, Skint, Bedrock, Kling Klong and most recently Objektivity and Yoshitoshi have released any array of dancefloor gems over the last decade, and with further releases on similarly esteemed labels on the way, CJ Jeff’s reputation as one of the most exciting producers on the circuit looks set to expand exponentially.

CJ Jeff makes his return to Supernova’s Lapsus Music with a mighty “Wait a Second” EP and today’s premiere is a title track from the release. It’s a piece of quite simple tech house with catchy “wait a second” voice sample, traditional house percussion, effective sub bass line and uplifting sirenesque synths.