Premiere: Scott Diaz – Mistreated (Studioheist Remix) (Grand Plans)

Third release on Scott Diaz’s imprint Grand Plans which is dedicated to house music is by its head honcho himself. Diaz is hailing from the UK but now based in Philadelphia (USA), and his back catalogue includes releases on respected house labels – London’s Defected and younger Simma Black, as well as New York city’s Nervous Records.

In the heydays of soulful and deep house househeads had a lot of quality music of the genre; today the good vocal and touching tune is a rare thing. Diaz’s “Mistreated” is that kind of tune. For a premiere we chose Manchester’s duo Studioheist remix, who worked previously with Large Music, I Records and Street King – all the familiar names for every soulful lover.

Studioheist removed the gospel influenced female backing vocals to let the soul of the male vocal lead the track. Adding their own bassline and poignant piano stabs, the strings from the original are used less frequently but made more of a prominent feature. Stripped back and refined, this reworked version also has a subtle Two Step/UK Garage influence.