Premiere: Remy Unger & Joop Junior – Co-op 1 (Remy Unger Remix) (Gem Records)

If you want a perfect groove in any genre of electronic music then just listen to the artists from the Netherlands: producers from this country were spawning great house and techno tracks since 1990’s; one of them is Secret Cinema who after 15 years in the business launched his own record label Gem Records in 2009. We are glad to premiere the newest release from this imprint.

“Co-op 1” is a first ever collaboration of two Dutch producers: one of the Netherland’s electronic music pioneers Remy Unger (who used to produce as Remy since early 1990’s) and Joop Junior whose first tunes saw the light of the day four years ago. Experience and knowledge has combined with energy and enthusiasm here: Remy’s signature hypnotizing groove and Joop’s abstract ambient layers and flawless production resulted in the deeper, airy, emotional techno cut. Remy Unger delivered a perfect sonic landscape in his interpretation of “Co-op 1”.