Premiere: Art Of Tones feat. Nicolas Felices – Violation (Local Talk)

Last year one of the globally recognized record labels Local Talk, which is putting out quality house music with jazz, funk and soul influences, turned five, but actual celebration has just begun in 2017. Now Local Talk is actually five and a half, and the first big birthday present is a “5 ½ years” compilation. We are honoured to premiere one of the exclusive tracks from this release by Art Of Tones.

Art of Tones is a project of experienced French producer Ludovic Llorca, who has been producing wonderful deeper and jazzy records since at least 1995. He used to be an F Communication resident, and under the name of Art Of Tones in the mid-2000s has released few 12” on UK’s 2020 Vision. In 2010’s he made a three wonderful underground deep house hits for Local Talk: “The Same Thing”, “The Rainbow Song”, and “I Just Can’t (Get Over It)” which we like a lot here, in HeedTheSound towers. And now he made his return to the label with a confident and mature jazz house “Violation” recorded with Nicolas Felices, that features emotive alto saxophone solo and brilliant jazz instrumentation. It moves the dance floor. This is adorable!