Adesse Versions – Push It Along EP (Heist) 8/10

Adesse Versions is a house alias of the UK techno DJ and producer, who has been producing music since 2001 under different names. These days when techno meets house both in DJ sets and many electronic productions someone’s shift from techno to house looks as a natural progression.

Adesse Versions (who’s based in Manchester now) delivers four raw and warm originals to Detroit Swingle’s underground imprint Heist. And this is a solid continuation to his history and previous works released at Numbers, Local Talk and Toy Tonics.

The opener “Tout It” with a heavy bass line and the title track “Push It Along” are very US styled house tracks – I clearly see “Push It Along” with its syncopated percussions and funky guitar sample in DJ Sneak’s set. Closing laid back piano track “Ebony Roses” is kind of a reprise to begin or finish up your set. The strongest of the bunch is “E to E”: it starts as a typical house track with filtered funky sample, hi-hats and a ride. Then grand piano theme, stripped down drums, and female and male vocals wailing “E, E, E” demonstrates a listener where Adesse’s musical roots are. It has something in common with Pezzner’s productions. New York’s ambassador of funk Ge-Ology turned “E to E” into New York styled classy deeper house track in his remix.