Genius of Time – Kepler 186f (Aniara Sweden) 7/10

This is the first time since 2014 when both Genius of Time members – Alexander Berg and Nils Krogh – joined forces on an EP again, as they were focused on their solo careers recently. Title track on two-tracker (released on their Aniara label) “Kepler 186f” takes its name from an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf Kepler-186 and is the first planet with a radius similar to Earth’s to be discovered in the habitable zone of another star. Track has spacey mood, analogue sound and Detroit styled melodies, which reminds a bit of Josh Wink’s remix for Jimpster’s “Alsace & Lorraine”. Second track “Tau Ceti” is also called after a space object – a star in the constellation Cetus that is spectrally similar to the Sun. It’s more robust and minimalistic with influences from tribal, and still deep and spacey as the A-Side, good for the afterhours.